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CDARS: A Convenient and Safe Way to Protect Your High Balances

Keeping your personal banking investment safe is our utmost priority. The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, or CDARS, allows you to enjoy full FDIC insurance – from the minimum savings deposit of $10,000 all the way up to $50 million. Whatever your deposit size, Community Bank of Raymore provides you a single point of service within the CDARS savings plan, competitive rates and trustworthy support to help you manage your money.

CDARS Convenience

CDARS is the most convenient way to secure multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage. As a CDARS network member, we can function as your CDARS coordinator and primary representative. We will handle all transactions relating to your CDARS protected funds and remain active as your local bank representative.

It’s a seamless relationship! We provide transparent confirmation of CDARS CD allocation, apply consolidated interest payments, and deliver statements of activity. We will answer all your questions, respond to all requests and act on your behalf.

CDARS Security

CDARS is set up to comply with all pertinent FDIC requirements. As an institution that has been tested and proven, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in good hands.

Account information and all elements relating to your high balance investment are kept within a secure network. As the custodian of your CDARS account, we are dedicated to the highest level of security.

Working for you, Community Bank of Raymore makes sure that savings rates are above standard interest and are competitive within the local market. You have the option of various maturities with selections, which include lending initiatives that support our local community.

  • Interest above standard savings rates
  • Multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage
  • Everything is managed internally at Community Bank of Raymore
  • $10,000 minimum deposit to open

Ensure your high balances stay protected with full FDIC coverage. CDARS offers comprehensive FDIC insurance coverage up to $50 million. You will sleep better at night knowing your money is CDARS protected through Community Bank of Raymore. Contact us to find out how to get started today!

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